driving fails

We're actually being a little generous with that headline. Because as you can see, this motorist in Calgary, Canada, actually
Leaving the handbrake off when parking your Mustang convertible? Not that impressive. Running after it, leaping into it and
And your WTF CCTV footage of the day is this gem, which hails from Reykjavík, Iceland. It shows a driver leaving the underground
If you've ever wondered what it would be like to play GTA in real life - or have always longed for one of those moments when
'We fit... so you don't have to,' says the Halfords website. Except... not always: Yes, this was the scene in south east
Viral Viral Videos calls this woman 'daring'. That's one word for it. The 58-year-old from Šibenik drove her Peugeot over
Twenty Two Words calls this person 'the world's dumbest red-light runner'. But as you can see, they're the world's stupidest
Meanwhile, in a retail park in Dartford, a lesson in how not to exit a car park is taking place. Well, we say 'lesson' - but
In the words of everyone's favourite Beatle, Ringo Starr John Lennon: instant karma's gonna get you. Especially if you drive
Well, it’s one way to do it... but we don't really recommend it. (Via Twenty Two Words)