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If you've ever wondered what it would be like to play GTA in real life - or have always longed for one of those moments when
Want to see an incredible piece of driving footage? Check out this video, which was captured on a highway in Colorado and
And you thought driving in central London was bad... Mind you, we call this 'crazy' - but as you can see, the people driving
Proof that it’s possible to drive a car when it has one of its front wheels missing? Right here. No, we have no idea what
There's drifting... and there's what this truck driver managed to pull off. Two words: Nailed. It. (Via Viral Viral Videos
(Warning: video contains lots of swears. In Australian accents.) Yes, forget snakes on a plane - in Australia, they've got
A rough translation of this video's YouTube description insists that "there was no dispute" before this incident in Hsinchu
Thought it was hot in Britain right now? Try Russia, where the roads are melting before drivers' very eyes. Of course, this
Meanwhile, in Russia... ..this sort of thing is perfectly acceptable, it seems. Or at least, takes place on motorways. Of
"Female tries to park her car, taking easily 30 mins altogether," writes male YouTuber Ciarán Shannon of Belfast. "One of