drone strikes

British judges and lawmakers should now feel emboldened to take the UK Government to task over its complicity in the drone programme. Accountability and transparency are needed now more than ever.
The Government have a duty to protect the lives of its citizens including from terrorist attacks. But the state killing someone "in cold blood" in a country where we are not in armed conflict is a serious issue.
It has been two weeks now since the War on Terror made its grim debut in Paris, and the western world is still reeling. There
An American drone strike has targeted the British Islamic State executioner ‘Jihadi John’ and officials believe "with a high
The Government has refused to publish the legal basis for action, creating a legal and accountability vacuum. Without our legal challenge it's impossible to determine whether the decision to execute to British men- and what that signifies in terms of Government policy - meets the robust conditions set out in international and domestic law.
The 'targeted killing' policy is a seductive one - it promises accuracy and zero civilian casualties. Yet the US experience shows this to be false... With US military figures now warning their programme has been a failure, the PM's unilateral decision to adopt this model is truly bizarre.
David Cameron is facing a legal challenge over the decision to target Islamic State (IS) terrorists in Syria - despite Parliament
The five things you need to know on Thursday September 10, 2015... 1) HIGH NOON At midday, the Labour leadership race finally
David Cameron’s new policy of targeted assassinations of British terror suspects is set to be investigated by a Parliamentary
In her column on Friday Hopkins, who has apparently christened Khan ‘Jihadi Bryn’ because of his Welsh roots, wrote: “A few