drone warfare

The 'targeted killing' policy is a seductive one - it promises accuracy and zero civilian casualties. Yet the US experience shows this to be false... With US military figures now warning their programme has been a failure, the PM's unilateral decision to adopt this model is truly bizarre.
Fake tube posters, bus stop advertising boards and newspaper adverts have been appearing all over London in protest at a
The devastation of Gaza looks set to continue after Hamas dismissed a peace proposal, brokered by Egypt. The cease-fire, which
BAE has in its possession one of the single coolest and most terrifying pieces of advanced military hardware in the world
The death toll of Palestinians killed since the start of the offensive against Gaza has risen to 175, according to AP, with
Recently, British courts have rivalled their counterparts across the pond in competing for the most senseless judgment. The latest example came just yesterday, when three British judges said they could not rule on whether British officials were complicit in murdering Pakistani civilians in US drone strikes because that might embarrass our friends in America.
The US Department of Defense has released its 'roadmap' for bringing new and ever-more-subjectively-terrifying robots to
As the Ministry of Defence confirmed that the RAF carried out its first drone strike operated from the UK this week, the