Cloud-based services are popping up every day and although they offer a plethora of advantages, the data centres behind them aren't immune to failure.
A great app can save you time and money, teach you something new, or just plain entertain. But, when it comes to getting
A German woman whose phone was stolen while she went skinny dipping with friends in Ibiza was surprised when - days later
While employees enjoy the free cloud playground, it's important for them to remember that with every corporate file shared, someone could be watching, waiting to intercept.
In an age of Bring Your Own Device, it's easy to see how well-meaning employees might arrive at the concept of Bring Your Own Service, especially when that service is easy-to-use, fast, cheap, and reliable.
Dropbox has become the latest web service to suffer a huge security breach. Thousands of users had their usernames and passwords
After making profits of about $1bn (£620m) from their Facebook investment, U2 stars Bono and the Edge appear to have a thirst
Being honest with yourself as the founder of a startup is the first major step towards success. Entrepreneurs who refuse to see past their own marketing hype are doomed to fail by it. Venture capitalists and potential investors are not going to be so rosy-eyed.
You see, even the threat of repulsion from my boyfriend, can't persuade me to write these blogs offline in notepad and then copy them to put them online. Because it's too much like hard work.