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As I read the book following our interview, I learnt of Neil's work in nightclubs, busting dealers that were pushing drugs to revellers. It's work that I'm sure he'd freely admit did nothing to dent the 'war on drugs'. So when London nightclub Fabric closed, it got me thinking. What will this mean for the city, and it's criminals? I called Neil to get his thoughts.
He had every chance, a supportive family, a girlfriend, a baby and a son he was going to adopt. He had a job and the chance to go to rehab but none of it was enough. One by one he lost us all, preferring the company of drink and drugs.
More young people think cannabis should be legalised over tobacco, according to a new study. The Student Money Saver surveyed
Controversial plans to outlaw 'legal highs' are to be challenged in Parliament tomorrow after campaigners warned that the
Richard Branson believes the reason more MPs don’t get behind his campaign for the decriminalisation of drugs is that “politicians
I don't smoke marijuana, however I completely support the case for legalisation. An increasing amount of people are turning to the drug to help with ongoing medical issues such as cancer and arthritis. Marijuana has been proven to help relieve pain and improve quality of life over more conventional legal drugs such as Morphine.
The speed of change in terms of global drug policy over the past few years has been nothing short of remarkable. As is their way, Britain's political class has largely responded by shutting their eyes, putting their fingers in their ears and insisting on business as usual.
I believe it's time to stage an intervention and help the Mail come to terms with its problems.
Nick Clegg has attacked the Conservative Party for refusing to consider a reform of the drug laws. The Deputy Prime Minister
People living in Colorado have been taking advantage of it becoming the first jurisdiction in the world to legalise recreational