Drug Prices

The problem with this in practice is that prospective drugs that aren't deemed profitable enough are simply not invested in. Our system is dictated by profit instead of by health needs. What we've learnt in the HIV and AIDS response, is that we need to challenge the patent model in order to secure affordable drugs that save lives and prevent the epidemic from spreading.
A cancer diagnosis is one of those moments in life when everything changes in an instant. Your whole world collapses around you. You are no longer the master of your own destiny. Instead your future rests in the hands of a bunch of medical experts, armed with an array of treatments designed to kill your cancer without killing too much of you at the same time.
High profit margins are not a new thing either - the pharmaceutical industry is the most profitable in the world and profit
As duty bearers of human rights, it is the responsibility of states to ensure that their citizens are able to realise their rights. The High Level Panel's recommendations are set to come out in June and will be addressed to heads of state. It is yet to be known whether these recommendations will have an accountability mechanism attached to them so it may well fall to civil society to hold governments to account.
For many years now, the pharmaceutical industry has been the most profitable in the world and the latest data from 2015 shows
When we look back at this time in history, we will not be proud that we made record profits from cancer drugs while one person died of cancer every four seconds, but we can all play a part in changing this for future generations. Public pressure played a huge part in broadening access to AIDS/HIV drugs in the 1990's - the same can happen for cancer if enough of us speak up to let those in power know this is an issue we care about.