drug use

Researchers have found the cocktail has the same effect on teenagers' brains as cocaine.
Teenagers who mix alcohol and energy drinks are more likely to abuse drugs as adults, researchers have found.  Scientists
'Whether we like it or not; we live in a drug culture.'
London’s famous Fabric nightclub has been closed over a “culture of drug use”, but charities and campaigners argue the move
More of Britain is on the sniff, according to a new report that suggests cocaine use has trebled since the mid-Nineties. No
Tried to quit drinking? Joined the gym? And all because it's January, that miserable magical time of year when anything is
A school has issued a warning to its students they could soon have maggot infestations in their nostrils if they continue
Addicts should have access to drug "consumption rooms" where they could inject heroin legally, a police crime commissioner
A top police officer has sensationally called for hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin to be legalised. Durham chief constable
David Cameron has been urged by MPs to consider legalising and regulating drug use as part of wide-ranging public debate
Researchers in Norway claim they have found new evidence to support their theory that cannabis use causes temporary 'cognitive
The Beatles were responsible for a worldwide increase in recreational drug use which continues to harm young people, Russia's
Britain is a nation of pill-poppers who use drugs to beat aches and pains instead of changing their diet and lifestyle, a
A new ‘legal high’ drug is being mistakenly dubbed as the ‘safe’ version of ketamine and is becoming increasingly popular
A man is being questioned on suspicion of supplying drugs after an 18-year-old student was found dead in his halls of residence
A high childhood IQ may be linked to drug use in later life, particularly among women, a new study shows. Analysis of almost