Drug War

Police had detained one of El Chapo's sons but were later forced to release him.
The first state to legalize medical cannabis becomes the largest to allow recreational use.
'All the government has achieved... is criminalising a generation of people.'
Drug laws should be devolved to Scotland so the government in Holyrood can make moves towards decriminalisation, SNP party
“It’s kind of a cross between ‘Breaking Bad’ and a ‘Sex and the City’ case.”
The sensitivities around hosting the Notting Hill Carnival in the same borough as Grenfell Tower has dominated coverage in
Those dying are 'often with poor physical and mental health... losing their battle with long-term addiction'.
Drug deaths have hit a record high in part because a “Trainspotting Generation” of older heroin users are dying after years
'The same failed recipe of criminalisation and under-funding'.