drugs in sports

Rhys Williams, the Wales' 400 metres hurdles champion, has been provisionally suspended after being charged with an anti
A 2012 New York Times investigation has revealed that an average of 24 horses suffer fatal breakdowns at tracks across the US every week partly because of the misuse of drugs that keep injured horses running. Furthermore, 10,000 broken-down thoroughbreds are sent to slaughter every year.
Former Team Sky cyclist Michael Rogers, who has tested positive for steroids, should face the maximum ban, according to Cycling
Bookmakers have promised to refund thousands of pounds in bets placed on horses that have tested positive for performance
Increased testing of players for recreational drugs will frighten anyone still using them, according to former England captain
Years of training have honed athletes' bodies into the perfect machine. They've sacrificed everything to get there. Everything for that one day when four years work would come to fruition. I'd seen broken men and women sat there. Though, from that one day something else sticks in my memory. A darker side to the Olympic games.