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Monkey Dust: The Volatile Drug's Grip On Stoke
The Government has an opportunity to make a substantial contribution to the national wellbeing with this strategy, let's hope it can seize the moment, and follow through with the right investment of materials, to match the investment of some promising ideas.
Drugs destroy countless lives. They lead to crime, violence and disorder on our streets. They are one of the creeping and corrosive threats to our society that we must do more to tackle. But I am also determined to do all I can to protect the most vulnerable, who too often become the victims. That is why today I am launching the Government's new drug strategy which sets out how we will tackle the deadly impact of drugs, including substances like spice... This strategy is a vital part of our work to protect the vulnerable and make our families and communities even safer. We owe it to future generations to work together for a society free of drugs.
The "sophisticated" marketing of ecstasy is behind a rapid rise in its use by young Europeans, a report has found. Tactics
Figures showing arrests for cannabis possession in England and Wales have almost halved have divided police and pro-cannabis
His play People Places and Things is taking the West End by storm.
When People Places and Things opened in the West End last week, it didn’t do so quietly.   After selling out the National
It is wonderful that Jamaica has now not only decriminalised cannabis, eliminating previous convictions for possession, but has also fully acknowledged the religious rights of the Rastafarians, thus becoming the first state to properly recognise the religious use of cannabis.