drummer lee rigby

A second man has been charged with the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich, Scotland Yard said on Saturday. Michael Adebolajo
One of soldier Lee Rigby's suspected killers was being questioned by police as protest marches were due to begin around the
Muslim children going to mosque in Woolwich should never feel ashamed or afraid to express their faith in modern Britain
UPDATE: The EDL's Tommy Robinson has said he will not join the BNP on any march. Concerns over violent disorder at a planned
Forty years ago, as a young journalist, I learned that 'there are no indiscreet questions, only indiscreet answers'. In general, the same applies to polling. We do not create public opinion; we measure it. That opinion may give us pleasure or pain; it might reassure us or frighten us. The issue is whether it is better to know how people feel or to remain in ignorance.
A post-mortem examination of murdered Drummer Lee Rigby has established that the cause of death was "multiple incised wounds
Extremists on both sides have a shared agenda: division, distrust, anger and violence. The answer is not for us to move further from one another, crouched in opposing fortresses constructed from vindictive words. We need now to move closer to one another, to understand one another.
The attack on Lee Rigby cannot be condemned enough. But that must not lead us to condemn whole communities who - even if they have their doubts about British and US foreign policy - also have nothing but condemnation of those murderous acts in Woolwich.
It is not yet clear whether anymore could have been done to protect him - it appears the two suspects were well known to the security services and it is not yet clear that extra powers for our security services would have made a difference.
23 May, 2013, Idlib, Syria. A young British-Asian Muslim from Willesden dies while working in a field hospital. Dr Isa Abdur Rahman was volunteering as a doctor in a country where medics treating civilians have been tortured and killed. Hospitals are routinely attacked and there is a dire shortage, therefore, of medical staff willing to work under such circumstances. Isa was my nephew. He was 26. His name means 'Jesus', who is also named as a prophet in the Quran. In the Quran, Jesus' death is different but he still dies a young man striving for good. Isa felt this was his 'jihad', his 'struggle for good'.