Being given a new lease of life thanks to a Facebook post by Drum Talk TV, this video of music teacher Suzanne Morissette
Things You Don't See Every Day, No.542: A drum-off between the III Marine Expeditionary Force band and the Republic of Korea
Check out Lyonya Shilovsky from Russia, who joined the Novosibirsk State Philharmonic Orchestra for a recent performance
In fact we'd go as far as to say that - judging from those giggles - he really rather enjoys it. Rather him than us, though
Shane Bang and his pen-tapping friend Kevin Ke both study at the University of Washington, Seattle. Shane said they both
Today's tip of the hat - or should that be rimshot? - goes to Charlene deGuzman and Miles Crawford. For drummers DeGuzman
If you're a) a fan of drumming and/or b) missing Stavros Flatley, we think you're going to love the viral video above. Because
Ladies and gentlemen, please now allow us to share with you this currently-going-viral video of a middle-aged US "mom" (oooh
Matt Smothers is a drumming teacher who works in Reno, Neveda. Now we can't speak for how good he is at teaching humans how
Traditionally here at Huffington Post UK Comedy, we like to lead our weekly viral video round-ups with an animal-based number