A student who lost his driving licence on a night out was left shocked when his missing ID turned up alongside a travel itinerary
It came with a note saying 'you need a treat'.
A woman was flattered to receive a huge cosmetics haul from a mystery sender – only to discover the present was sent by herself
A rowdy plane passenger was firmly put in his place by his fellow travellers on a flight from Hong Kong to Vladivostok on
'I've messed up' I say, 'seriously, things have gone really wrong. Even more wrong than usual... So I message him and he says he's just leaving work, and shall he come over. Of course I agreed and we end up having this mad drunken night at mine, resulting in very little sleep.'
A spring is certainly present in a lot of Londoners steps right now. They're pleased to hear that they can party all night and take multiple methods of transport home rather than dashing for the last tube or trying to find where that night bus goes from. However, there are so many issues with this idea.
Perhaps too full of holiday cheer and eager to get home for Christmas, a 'drunken British man ' has reportedly been arrested
Families were disgusted to see more than 2000 drunken Cambridge University students stripping off, vomiting and drinking