dua lipa

But it wasn't quite the night we were expecting for Ed Sheeran.
And that's without even talking about the headliners.
Is it really all cut and dried for Ed Sheeran and Dua Lipa? Let's take a closer look.
Including homegrown talent and some of our international faves.
As the music industry and critics continue to focus their attention on the future of pop in the age of streaming, there’s
I'm about to tell you something very embarrassing but I'm only telling you on the basis you've probably done something similarly desperate before. When I was 15, struggling with my sexuality and obsessed with the Sugababes, I fell head over heels with a girl.
Proof there's more than one way to style a nearly-naked top.
Sofia Richie and Dua Lipa proved the nearly-naked look works well when combined with a number of the trends emerging from
Jess Glynne Despite the fact the year started with me flipping tables on her behalf, Jess Glynne has had a freakin fabulous