Duchess of Cambridge

PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been offered compensation after the in-flight entertainment system
Rachel Zoe, who has previously styled the likes of Eva Mendes and Cameron Diaz, appeared on the TV show Good Morning America
I think by now even the staunchest of republicans has realised that when Kate Middleton (aka the Duchess of Cambridge) wears a dress, it sells, and sells, and sells some more. So it's no surprise that ever since the royal engagement was announced, designers - and therefore fashion PRs - have been clamouring to dress her.
Yes, all those foreign dignitaries at the Royal Weding were impressive, but who wouldn't want to tuck into a piece of wedding cake at the Moss-Hince reception? Especially if Jude Law is stood next to you?
With all the wars going on in the world, all the negativity, hatred, senseless terrorism, and Mother Nature herself being in a horrible mood causing disasters on every continent on the planet, I just wanted to scream, "For the love of God, where is the love and beauty in this world?" I have firmly believed in the power of positive thinking, and luckily it has paid off for I have observed the beauty and splendor of the courtship of Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton.
We have to admit Kate would make a pretty darn cute cowgirl, and there is something appealing about imagining Prince William
Although the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge touched down in the LA yesterday, their welcome to the States was a particularly
Hollywood's elite were out in force last night to support the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's glittering Bafta Brits to Watch
It feels like only yesterday that newlyweds Kate and Wills were boarding a plane for North America but yesterday was actually
Dressed for the occasion in white cowboy hats The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge continued their North American tour at the
About Duchess of Cambridge
Born on January 9 1982, the Duchess of Cambridge is five months older than Prince William. The pair married on 29 April 2011, having met at Scotland's University of St Andrews in 2001. The couple split briefly in 2007, but later reunited and became engaged during a holiday in Kenya to celebrate the Prince passing his RAF helicopter search and rescue course. On 14 January 2013, St James's Palace announced that the Duchess was expecting her first child in July 2013.