We have rounded up the week's best news stories - from stuck ducklings to planes that can land themselves!
A man has been jailed after admitting to repeatedly running over and killing nine ducklings with a lawnmower. Jason Falbo
"Our cat brought home a perfectly healthy baby duck," explains the YouTuber who shot this video. "After about 20 minutes
Ever wondered what a pet duckling gets up to in an average day? Well, wonder no more. Because this video will show you. Walking
There are Unusual Animal Friendships (see below). And there are Extremely Unusual Animal Friendships (see above). Yes, this
Ready for a video clip filled with suspense, drama and... cuteness? You've come to the right place! Yes, just click play
"Cute little Dexter can't stay awake in accounting class!" writes YouTuber ChloeBroomfield1995. "Who could blame him??" Well
Quick! Pass the smelling salts! Our nerves are in absolute shreds after watching this mother duck and her brood crossing
Too long have kittens, puppies, piglets and bear cubs ruled the adorable roost of internet cuteness. Now, ladies and gentlemen
Beastie-filled TV channel Animal Planet has the amazing knack of recording the cutest footage. After all, these are the guys