dumb criminals

Super villains bent on world domination these people are not. From purse snatching in broad daylight and crowded areas to
On Thursday evening in Brandon, Canada, a would-be thief broke into a store - but had a little trouble getting out. According
A man who was allegedly trying to steal fuel from parked cars while smoking a cigarette set himself and a number of vehicles
Things not to do when you're on the run from the police, no.1: tweet. Things not to do when you're on the run from the police
Things You Shouldn't Do While Drunk: 1. Drive. 2. Update your Facebook status. 3. Update your Facebook status to admit that
Skivers! Fancy a day off work? It's probably best to stick to the old common-or-garden "tummy upset" excuse, rather than
Let's all pause for a moment and take time out to snigger at Joshua K Pinney, whose alleged attempt at identity theft earlier
Oh dear - talk about indignity piled on top of indignity! Sean Carl Payne, 35, was arrested and charged with public intoxication
A furniture store owner has likened this CCTV footage from a recent bungled robbery to a Benny Hill sketch. And but for the
A man has been arrested in Waukesha, Wisconsin, after an off-duty police officer caught him "having sex" with an abandoned