If I hadn't known already that Düsseldorf was a city of fashion, I would have discovered it as soon as I walked into the Hotel Indigo after a surprisingly quick, cheap and hassle-free taxi drive from the airport, which is about four miles and €20 away. I know I'm in the right place from the big hotel sign out front in, of course, indigo. But where's the reception?
This photo provided by the French Air Accident Investigation Agency shows the damaged black box voice data recorder of the
"It is likely that there were some British nationals" on board the Germanwings flight that crashed on Tuesday in the French
• Germanwings Airbus A320 crashed in southern French Alps • All 144 passengers and six crew feared dead • Confusion over
Ángel di María scored one and assisted another three as Argentina spoiled Germany's homecoming in a re-match of the World
This is Ray, the world's first completely automated car park. You simply drop your car off, Ray then picks up your car and
A 75-year-old athletics official has died after being speared in the throat with a javelin during a competition in Dusseldorf