Dylan Thomas

At the age of 51, Kieren Fallon has retired from race riding and closed an umpteenth chapter in his remarkable life.
As we grow older, we tend to hide the cantankerousness and innocence that formed such a large part of our youth. Perhaps social convention, or some vague idea of acting grown up, forces us to mask these ostensibly childish attributes.
A holiday-maker retuned from his travels with an experience to remember – after medics pulled a tropical spider out of his
This year's BBC production, A Poet in New York, felt like a sentimental backwash of Titanic proportions; the recent BBC Wales remake of Under Milk Wood also fell unfortunately short, so short that one Twitter commentator quipped it felt like an advert for Welsh lamb.
If Edwin Brock had been thirty years younger than me rather than thirty years older than me, would I have advised him to earn his crust by writing advertising copy at the behest of people like me? The heck I would.
The public persona of Thomas, embodied in Brinnin's book, is often the focus of articles concerning the writer and this year, on the centenary of his birth, one can expect plenty more of the same.
Struggling to unleash your inner creative? Feeling a little blocked up? You're not alone. Writer's block has affected some
The Dylan Thomas Centre is located about ten minutes walk from the wide-stretched Swansea bay where the colours of sunset
If you like to think of your poems as horses (as I do), this is anyone's race.
This week the late, great Dylan Thomas would have turned 98. Which is kind of amazing. We've always been fans of his poetry