E. L. James

I offloaded some well-thumbed books on my local British Heart Foundation outlet recently, and the volunteers' relief that there wasn't a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey amongst my offerings was palpable. Charity shops in every corner of the realm are being inundated by used copies of E. L. James's spank-fest, it seems.
Author E.L. James is hoping to land a cameo in the film adaptation of her hit erotic novel Fifty Shades Of Grey after revealing
The director of a women's refuge is calling on people to burn copies of erotic novel Fifty Shades Of Grey, claiming it is
Up until recently, self-publishing triggered certain images. An author announcing a new book. Admiration from friends and family, followed by realisation that author has not being endorsed by professionals putting faith through cash on his skills as a writer, but has paid for book to be published.
From Mummy Porn to property porn - 50 Shades Of Grey author EL James is apparently in the market for a new home to match
If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, what is parody? We have no idea - except in the case of these 50 Shades Of