Earls Court

My book's in the British Library, but it's only one among millions. My face is on the cover, though half-unseen, so I walk in line with my fellow travellers and together (Supermen, Spidermen and the odd Sontaran), we slowly gain entry to the hall.
The phrase “no room to swing a cat” springs to mind on first glance of this particular des res. The Earl’s Court studio flat
I hate to break the news, but Christmas is well and truly on the way! So, if you are anything like me, and are completely unprepared, somewhat daunted and caught off-guard (well, life is busy), worry not, for the Ideal Home Show at Christmas is, thankfully, here to save us all.
And with dogs and children proving such a fantastic match - capable of sharing very special, unique, close bonds together - it's hard to select one particular breed that's best for youngsters. In fact there's no right or wrong answer, as breed of dog never solely determines how your kids and dog will get along.
So what does the Olympics mean to me and my friends? In a word absolutely nothing, except extreme inconvenience, loss of income and a complete lack of interest in anything to do with promoting the insufferable Sebastian Coe's career on the world stage.
Jessie J was one of the many popstrels to hit Earls Court yesterday, and perform during the annual T4 Stars of 2011 concert
The dust settles from the TGS and with the big releases around the corner it is time for the Expo of these shores. From 22nd