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The combination of these changes could see a reduction in quality and a widening of school readiness gaps just as there is some evidence that gaps have started to narrow. In particular, the restriction of the 30 hours to working parents could make it even harder for the children of mothers not in work to gain the developmental skills that could help them escape a cycle of disadvantage.
The government has announced for the third time in 15 years that they intend to impose a baseline test on four-year-old children
30 hours 'free' childcare is drawing ever closer and thousands of childcare professionals are in unchartered territory. Nurseries
It seems that despite being registered with Ofsted and delivering a curriculum just like nurseries and pre-schools, many parents don't know they can access funded childcare places from a childminder and many local authorities are failing to embrace childminding as part of their local childcare offer.
The DFE has also yet to answer questions about the ways in which data collected by such inappropriate tests are to be stored; what uses will be made of them and how long they will be retained. For example, might schools use such data to set and stream children in the early primary school period?
We still just have time to mute the effects of Gove's 'accelerated curriculum' if we act quickly. If we do not, the PISA results of the 2020s will no doubt make even more painful reading for all involved in education in England.
Welcoming London's First Deputy Mayor for Education and Childcare Challenge, Joanne McCartney to discuss the London Childcare
The nursery sector relies on people. Bright, brilliant people who love the job they do. Early years education and childcare attracts great candidates, despite lower wage expectations than in other careers.
How would my little boy understand his world? How would he cope? Would he ever know friendship? What would the future be? How could I possibly be there with him every minute of the day and protect him from the pain of scorn and rejection.
The reality is that the government will become our sector's biggest customer in 2017 when full roll-out of childcare reform is here. But it has to pay us fairly if it wants us to deliver high quality care and education sustainably. The funding has to be sufficient.