East London

A short sequence of my feature documentary The Rime of the Modern Mariner rests on a tiny park in East London from where the British Empire and the world - via the high seas - discovered one another and an early incarnation of globalisation was born and berthed.
Detectives were today hunting for the killers of a 64-year-old man who died after he and his wife were bound with tape and
Last week, Hackney Mayor Jules Pipe announced the council had won a £5.3 million slice of the Government's post-riots Regeneration Fund, a large slab of which he would be using to create a designer brands shopping centre. But who, in a borough where one in five people receives housing benefit, does he think will be buying the designer goods?
A student from Mitcham is an unlikely source of inspiration for a world-renowned street artist but James Cochran - who has painted in London, Paris and New York - was so impressed by Javon Davies, a pupil from Richmond College he painted a mural of him in the East End.
A young teenager watched his brother drown in a bath after being tortured over claims he was a witch, a court heard today
Protecting the Olympic venues is costing taxpayers more than a quarter of a million pounds a day, as the price to the secure
One of the most short sighted policies that the Conservative led government has pushed through has been the abolition of the Education Maintenance Grant.
Scotland Yard is offering a £20,000 reward for information which helps officers find two gunmen who killed a 16-year-old
I remember meeting Michael Bracewell at the ICA's 50th birthday celebration. I was a teenager and my friend and I were skulking in the green room, nobody wanted to speak to us.
Like many other people, I went to last Saturday's protest in East London first and foremost to oppose the far right English Defence League and to defend the Muslim community against EDL thuggery.