EastEnders live episode

‘EastEnders’ ended its anniversary celebrations on a high on Friday night, with nearly 10 million viewers tuning in to see
It’s been a hectic week for the cast of ‘EastEnders’, and on Friday night, the long-awaited live episode of the show was
After dramatically attempting to set fire to the Queen Vic in Thursday night’s ‘EastEnders’, Dean Wicks managed to stun everyone
Friday night’s ‘EastEnders’ live episode was as dramatic as promised, and it didn’t take long for Ian Beale to work out that
After months of lurking in the background, and clandestine meetings with Phil Mitchell, Kathy Beale is finally back in Walford
‘EastEnders’ was a huge ratings hit on Thursday night, when the truth about Lucy Beale’s killer was revealed. MORE 'EASTENDERS
‘EastEnders’ fever has got soap fans in the UK glued to their TVs at the moment, but we’re not the only ones getting excited
We were promised more Carter family drama ahead of ‘EastEnders’ live week, and that’s exactly what we’re going to get in
Firefighters were called to the ‘EastEnders’ set on Tuesday night, just a few hours after the first live week episode was
Commuters passing through Bromley-By-Bow underground station are in a for a treat today (Wednesday 18 February), thanks to