EastEnders live week

Treadwell-Collins described the live week as being "a fantastic opportunity for EastEnders to create a massive national event, and one that will enable us to celebrate 30 years of [the show] in spectacular style." He didn't disappoint.
‘EastEnders’ actress Jo Joyner has admitted she’s yet to watch her gaffe from the soap’s live week back. SEE MORE: 'EastEnders
Gillian Taylforth has opened up about the lengths she went to, in order to make sure her ‘EastEnders’ comeback remained a
‘EastEnders’ ended its anniversary celebrations on a high on Friday night, with nearly 10 million viewers tuning in to see
It’s been a hectic week for the cast of ‘EastEnders’, and on Friday night, the long-awaited live episode of the show was
After dramatically attempting to set fire to the Queen Vic in Thursday night’s ‘EastEnders’, Dean Wicks managed to stun everyone
Well, ‘EastEnders’ fans, it’s been quite the week hasn’t it? Live Week was billed as one of soap’s most-see events, and it’s
After months of lurking in the background, and clandestine meetings with Phil Mitchell, Kathy Beale is finally back in Walford
‘EastEnders’ was a huge ratings hit on Thursday night, when the truth about Lucy Beale’s killer was revealed. MORE 'EASTENDERS
Here in the UK, ‘EastEnders’ fever has swept the nation, and on Thursday night, Lucy Beale’s killer was finally revealed