easter eggs

It is a truth universally acknowledged that any zoo, safari park or animal emporium can garner a bit of extra publicity around
They say the Devil has the best tunes, and whoever "they" are, they are correct. What these people don't mention is that the Devil also has the best Easter eggs.
The makers of a new Christian Easter egg insist sales are going well - despite a lukewarm response from some supermarkets
Easter, to many, is all about bunnies, chocolate eggs and candy. Chocolate manufacturing is on the decline in the UK so this year I decided to feature British-made eggs. With eggs from one of the best chocolatiers in London to a high street supermarket, there is something for everyone.
Apple under Steve Jobs was not one for hiding cute features into its software. Known as 'easter eggs', these are small doodads
Google has released a classic Friday timewaster for 27 April. The search giant's latest "easter egg" destroys the Google
My addiction to punning is ruining my life. They've have started to permeate into my everyday conversation.
Couldn't resist that super-sized chocolate egg, unlimited supply of mini eggs washed down with a hearty lunches with friends
Eggs are the beginning of new life, the not-so-Christian focus of Easter, which comes up this weekend. More importantly, in
Happy Easter! As the forlorn few struggled into work on Good Friday, the Twitterati celebrated the bank holiday with a onslaught