easter sunday

Today across Egypt, but most poignantly at St George's church Tanta and St Mark's church Alexandria, God's people have already gathered to worship the One who was dead and is now alive. Seven days after the horrendous bomb attacks on these Christian communities the resurrection will be proclaimed and experienced. Because the church is established by this day. It happened: the testimony of the witnesses whose words we have just heard is clear, and the history decisive. Christian faith is not a cause where the fallen standard is picked up and carried by others, who sense that the flesh is gone but the spirit goes on.
Anyone who's a vague acquaintance, thinks they can fast-track a response by slipping in the back door of social media. To some extent, they're right. Once I see a message I'll respond, because until I do, it'll hang over my weekend like the stench of spilt sardines.
Whilst the average child in the UK receives 8.8 Easter eggs, and one in five reportedly make themselves sick on chocolate over Easter, there are thousands of children in poverty across the UK who face having nothing at all. Thankfully, for the last few weeks, food banks across the UK have seen so many local heroes come forward to help children in poverty to have a happier Easter.
Could the message of Easter be that even from the worst loss in history, God can create a different kind of miraculous goodness, that transcends our childish need for simple victory? Isn't that the beauty of Christianity generally?
Tens of thousands of people, wearing raincoats and carrying umbrellas, braved the rain to hear Pope Francis deliver his Easter
In 2016 Easter occurs in the final weekend of March. Good Friday will be on 25 March, Easter Sunday on 27 March and Easter
Easter has been celebrated around the world this weekend with some colourful (and some rather bizarre) rituals. New York's
Members of the Royal Family were led by the Queen at the traditional Easter Sunday service at Windsor Castle. A crowd of
Christians have flocked to churches in Iraq to celebrate Easter Sunday amid tight security. High walls and tight security
As the clocks go forward an hour on 31 March to make way for lighter mornings and British summertime, the sleep patterns of millions across the country will be negatively affected. For insomniacs and sleep sufferers it can create a lasting impact, however there are some tactics, which employed now can ensure an undisturbed routine during the brighter months.