We don't know what education is and, as a consequence, we do not know what debate means. Debate is at the heart of education and if there is a crisis about one there is a crisis about the other.
As a teenager I learned pretty swiftly that exam boards didn't care if you could write a novel on photosynthesis or recite the periodic table backwards while gargling marmite - if you didn't bone up on past papers or use 'key words', your knowledge was useless.
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Where have we gone so wrong when Michael Gove acknowledges only two kinds of education - traditional (good) and progressive (bad) - and insists on turning the clock back to a form of testing that while having some benefits (rigour, an ability to discriminate amongst the 'brightest' ) self-evidently entails severe costs?
Not an easy afternoon for Shadow Education Secretary Stephen Twigg, who had to stand up and respond to Michael Gove's heavily
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Labour's shadow education secretary Stephen Twigg has publicly backed the English baccalaureate (Ebacc), saying they may