Ebola virus

The rows of white tents that used to house patients at the Ebola Treatment Centre in the Moyamba District of Sierra Leone have been disinfected and taken away, and the smell of smoke and chlorine that once filled the dusty air has faded... This time last year, the centre was on the frontline of the fight against Ebola.
The Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa is unprecedented in not only the scale of the epidemic but its spread. It has overwhelmed national health systems and left international experts wondering how to address an epidemic on such a scale.
When I receive a call that someone has had a terminal diagnosis, or the organist has flu, or what am I going to do about dog fouling in the churchyard - I am, again, reminded that life is not just about facts and figures - it's about experiences, hopes, and concerns.
A female healthcare worker who has been diagnosed with Ebola after returning from Sierra Leone is in a stable condition in
This year has seen the most deadly outbreak of the Ebola virus to date. Tens of thousands of people in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia have been affected with over 5,500 having died to date. Fear of the disease has spread worldwide because of the ease with which it can be transmitted and it's exceptionally high mortality rate.
It is vitally important that Ebola in West Africa and its hidden impacts receive the attention they need.
Estimates of the spread of the Ebola epidemic change daily but the death toll is already in the thousands and there are warnings that we may be seeing 10,000 people die a week in the near future...
The US and UK have recently made the largest efforts in terms of military deployments and money but many other states are still neglecting their responsibilities. Justine Greening, the International Development Secretary, and David Cameron have noted that EU members such as Italy and Spain need to step forward with resources and act now.
Ukip would "decimate" Britain's aid budget and hamper efforts to tackle the Ebola virus, a Labour MP has suggested. Speaking
Is it possible that we could suffer a world-wide Ebola epidemic, killing hundreds of thousands, because our government has been distracted by Islamic State, which in fact poses less threat to the citizens of this country, than a contagious infection with a previous case fatality rate of 79%?