The Conservative party must not become a Ukip proxy. We cannot as a centre-right party be drawn into the hubris and hysteria of populism that demands total withdrawal from Europe while ignoring the obvious dangers of such action and spurning the opportunity for reform that lies ahead of us.
David Cameron has reportedly warned that Britain could leave the EU if Luxembourg ex-prime minister Jean-Claude Juncker becomes
Beverage refrigeration doesn't immediately leap out as something that the European Commission would want to get involved
What many do not realize is the European Parliament has an impact on almost every aspect of life in the UK, whether it is trying to cut the costs of a mobile phone call while you're on holiday to protecting your employment rights when you're at work or trying to ensure the very air you breathe is clean.
Microsoft has been fined half a billion pounds by European regulators for breaking an agreement to let users pick a browser
Officials from the European Commission had their laptops hacked while at a conference in Azerbaijan, it has been claimed
Google has issued proposals to the European competition commissioner over concerns it abused its dominant position in search
The message board Reddit has released the first draft of a crowd-sourced bill to protect internet freedom. The 'act' is intended
Treaty changes to achieve even closer European integration will "probably" be necessary to cope with the economic crisis
The European Commission has formally proposed placing a financial transaction tax (FTT) on EU members. The tax would levy