Despite the record sales on Cyber Monday and a predicted spike on Christmas Eve, 42% of British shoppers plan to buy some of their Christmas presents after December 25.
Despite the dark cloud hanging over the retail sector, in a difficult year that has seen a number of big name casualties, there is plenty of light at the end of the tunnel for those willing to embrace change, particularly for smaller businesses.
India's fast developing economy, coupled with a rise in the number of affluent middle class consumers, has led to a considerable appetite for eCommerce amongst the country's consumers.
I firmly believe that the reason Comet has gone into administration is because its customer service standards bar was set far too low and ultimately, customers have voted with their feet.
The rise of alternative payments has been phenomenal, to the extent that these types of payment now account for 22% of global transactional value. But what are the parameters for a payment method to be classed as 'alternative'?
China is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, and consequently, its vast population has a higher percentage of disposable income to spend than ever before. The Chinese penchant for luxury items, and particularly western brands, is making it an attractive pool of income-rich consumers. How can UK eCommerce merchants successfully tap into this market?
Over the past few years, the European Commission has been examining the competitive environment for online commerce in the eurozone. This is due to the widely held view that e-commerce is the best way to transcend national borders and enable businesses and consumers to get the most out of the European Single Market.
The latest data published by the Office of National Statistics once again confirms that the UK has by far the most established e-commerce market in the European Union.
What's wrong with newspapers? We could spend the next year struggling to answer the question, while traipsing through the undergrowth of the internet, of consumer tastes and news appetite, and of the competition for time, money and advertising. Newspapers are, of course, a format, not a media channel.
Even a decade ago, using a vibrator or (worse!) a male mastubator was an admission of failure, a last resort for the losers in love who had given up on ever having an actual flesh-and-blood relationship. All the lonely people, the Beatles nearly sang, where do they go to come? But now, according to research, the sex toy market is worth an estimated £250m a year in the UK.