Economic crisis

The economic crisis is proving useful for those who want to see the European Union make the final and logical leap to becoming a unitary state, with a single currency and a single government.
China's role in managing US economic decline will grow ever more important if the current trajectory of US politics continues.
My passport says "United States of America", but it means very little to me now. How can I claim a country as my own if I cannot afford to live there?
The Republican Party has had to re-write its plans to lift the US debt ceiling after miscalculating the spending cuts included
The UK economy grew by 0.2 per cent for the second quarter for 2011, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has said. Announcing
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Beer sales have slumped by almost 10% in the past few months, including a 15% fall in supermarkets, new
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Pressure on the Government to announce a "plan B" for the economy could increase if, as expected, official
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Prices at UK supermarkets are rising faster than expected and will continue to put pressure on households
In late May, The City broke with some 350 years of protocol and announced the establishment of the Green Investment Bank
As financial markets brace for the possibility of a Greek debt default, economic officials here are sketching out doomsday