economic freedom

South Africa's youth need a new champion for their dreams to be actualised
It has also revealed the underbelly of the failed reconciliation project in South Africa.
Around the globe, the demand for greater gender equality in the boardroom is higher than ever before.
The depth and extent of poverty in South Africa is becoming increasingly intersectional.
We see and engage with poverty through the people with whom we interact, we can make a difference right there.
Black South Africans were used in the Vrede Dairy Farm project as a front for a scheme of grand corruption and money laundering, he said as he handed in an indictment at Hawks headquarters.
Can it be said by the pre-1994 generation who suffered for decades that their sacrifices have been worthwhile?
There is a need to deepen dialogue across all sectors of our society – the kind that brought our country back from the brink of disaster.
Twenty years after the promulgation of our constitution, it is high time we start addressing our shameful legacy in a more nuanced and innovative way.
Three speeches Jacob Zuma gave in Zulu at the end of last year gives us valuable insights into his mind. We had them translated so you didn't have to.