Economic sanctions

Hammond says he’ll consider plea to fast-track transparency register
The situation is far from being resolved. Despite the agreed cease-fire, fighting continues in Eastern Ukraine and the EU has already announced further sanctions.
The European Union has agreed a package of new economic sanctions against Russia, as Prime Minister David Cameron met families
David Cameron is busy talking tough about what sanctions Vladimir Putin and Russia could be hit in response to their backing
With Moscow threatening to seize foreign business assets if the West imposes economic sanctions, how close are the UK's financial
The sanctions imposed on Iran by the UN, the US, the EU, and others are supposed to be "smart sanctions." They are supposed to be measures that target the regime, the military, and above all, Iran's nuclear program. They are not supposed to be destroying Iran's health care, education, nutrition, or basic needs for the poor. But that is exactly what the sanctions are doing.
Unfortunately, it's not only celebrity chefs who try to take unfair advantage of the market by trading on knowledge that is not in the public domain (although not all of them end up being played by Cybill Shepherd in a film about their time behind bars).