Ed Balls Day

There's a special significance this year.
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It's the first Ed Balls Day since losing his seat
Today we celebrate Ed Balls Day. The former MP is now officially consigned to Twitter folklore after his epic yet simple
You're probably seeing Ed Balls all over the internet today, and there's very good reason - it's the fifth anniversary of
It's all been too over-commercialised. For one thing, it's all about the presents nowadays. At least some people still know
The Norwich-born Balls had become a global phenomenon.  The world reeled in horror that night. Even his opponents were left
1. Prime Minister's Questions Time was there was only one reason to bother turning on the TV at 12pm on Wednesday.  Ed Balls
When it comes to gaffes on social media, politicians have proved themselves no better than ordinary punters, and in many
Despite the wave of support after his cricketing chat, it didn't sound like Balls would be rallying for another election