Ed Miliband Speech

Ed Miliband has unveiled plans for a significant boost to paternity leave if he wins the election - doubling the time fathers
Ed Miliband's "comfort zone" campaign on the NHS risks losing Labour the election as voters may not feel Labour would carry
I think its important to remember how much we really need to come together for the sake of democracy as a whole to ensure young voters don't just visit the polling stations, but have they have an authentic opportunity to really understand what political parties are putting forward and more importantly have a chance to scrutinise those plans.
There are fresh concerns in Labour's ranks today about Ed Miliband after the party narrowly scraped a byelection victory
Ed Miliband has put the future of the NHS at the heart of Labour's campaign to win the 2015 election. Investing in more nurses, doctors and midwives were central to his party conference leader's speech on Tuesday.
Ed Miliband has been publicly rebuked by The Horrors after one of their songs was played at Labour's annual conference before
Ed Miliband will put green politics at the heart of his political agenda in an impassioned speech Tuesday to Labour Party
Ed Miliband's policy agenda has been branded "pathetic", "catastrophic", "mealy-mouthed" and "bland" by the Labour Party's
If voters want a "square-jawed" prime minister from "central casting", rather than a leader with "principles and decency
Ed Miliband used his acceptance speech for the Spectator's 'Parliamentarian Of The Year' award to make light of his recent