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Tony Blair has condemned phone hacking as "beyond disgusting" and "sickening". Speaking to an audience of Labour supporters
Ed Miliband has admitted he was too slow to speak out on hacking, and should have confronted Rupert Murdoch when he met him
David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband have today called to axe the Press Complaints Commission after the News of the
I don't remember the same fascination back in January, when George Osborne gave a nearly identical interview to the BBC defending the unexpected shrinking of the economy, giving exactly the same answer several times in three minutes.
The Government is reviewing its advertising contracts with News of The World in the wake of allegations it hacked into the
The two Eds at the top of the Labour party were facing increased pressure today after revelations that former spin doctor
The latest disclosures about how people working for the News of the World apparently hacked into the phones of Milly Dowler and the families of 7/7 victims have triggered nationwide disgust. It is at times like these that people look to their Prime Minister to face up to the challenges presented, without fear or favour. I am afraid that yesterday David Cameron did not rise to that challenge.
David Cameron today hinted he would not stand by beleaguered News International Chief Executive Rebekah Brooks. He told Ed
What I write in my diary at night gets published some years down the track, in a different context for different times. The raw and immediate can sometimes look a bit odd when even the author has forgotten all about it.
Miliband didn't address one big issue though. Leadership. He didn't want to reform the way in which the Leader of the Labour Party is elected. Hardly surprising, as the section which you would reform (union voting), is the part which elected him. But Labour is more popular than Ed.