Exam board Pearson Edexcel apologised after the "actions of a small number of individuals have resulted in such a breach".
The incident comes after similar leaks in 2017 and 2018.
Last week's furore with one of the maths GCSE papers raised some interesting points. There were a number of difficult questions including the now infamous one referred to as the Hannah's sweets question..
Education Secretary Michael Gove will appear before MPs on Wednesday as the row over GCSE English grades descended into farce
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Ofqual boss Glenys Stacey admitted on Tuesday she would have forced one of England's biggest exam boards to alter its GCSE
Ofqual urged an exam board to alter its GCSE English grade boundaries just two weeks before the results were published. Leaked
MPs have called for reforms to remove "perverse incentives" for students to take dumbed-down exams at school. Exam boards
An A-level exam paper due to be taken next week has been scrapped over concerns of a "security breach", one of the country's
Examiners have touted a cap on the number of GCSEs pupils can take as the only way to stop the "exam overload" which they