Edinburgh Festival 2012

Hello, we're Bob and Jim, 'the UK's favourite neo-vaudeville double act'. As seasoned entertainers we understand the importance of lists. Here is a list of essential items we've taken with us from London to Edinburgh this August as we head up to perform our new show, 'Two Stars'.
Approaching the Edinburgh Fringe this year there was one question on every producer's mind: how will the Olympics affect us?
The final curtain has been faced, the show has gone on, darkness has descended on that little corner of the universe where, for the past four weeks, we have cast our spell.
Like a month into your first year at University, just one week in to the festival I was overly tired, bloated, and erratically emotional and my new white converse were ruined from cheap drink spillage and muddy rain.
It must be said, this Fringe adventure would never have happened if Glenn and I hadn't attended a 1989 Edinburgh Fringe performance of 'Withering Looks', a brilliant and ridiculously funny play written by that dynamic duo Maggie Fox and Sue Ryding, also known as LipService.
I have two days to go till my 24-show run of my One Man show comes to an end and I am filled with a mix of excitement and sadness. Excitement at the thought of my own bed and the many days of sleep that will need to be had to recover, but I am mightily sad to be leaving.
It's ironic that in the year that the Edinburgh Festival Fringe introduced a Spoken Word category for the first time, its
Last night saw the madcap Malcolm Hardee Awards Show give out its gongs for 2012, the awards which aim to "represent the
If you've yet to experience the delights of Frisky And Mannish, you're in for a treat. If you have experienced them, well
In honour of August 2012 - the Fringe of Misery, as it shall e'er be known - I've compiled a handy lexicon of Fringewords for performers. To deal with pain and loss, we must first be able to express it. So, you know, this stuff ought to help.