Edinburgh Festival 2012

As the excitement grows for next month's Edinburgh Festival, so does our list of lovely comics we're thrusting questions
It’s the mass exodus of the mirth-makers! The London comedy community is preparing to decamp to Scotland for a four-week
With the increase of New Act Competitions and Stand-Up Comedy Courses, more and more people are entering the profession - most with a detailed business plan which wouldn't look out of place on Dragon's Den.
It's almost here! The Edinburgh Festival, that is. And with it, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. And with that, more comedy
I love the Edinburgh Festival – because it means that I get to sleep in the same bed for a whole month! Comedians travel
The Edinburgh Fringe brochure is, no matter how you slice it, a thumping information overload of a tome. It's hard to even
Ladies and gentlemen, meet Anna Morris. Or rather: meet Georgina, one of Anna Morris's alter egos. Georgina is, in the words