Edinburgh Festival 2012

Former therapist (and current Huffington Post blogger) Taylor Glenn often feels like the craziest person in the room. But
There comes a time in any artistic process when the rules of time no longer apply, when everything seems to be taking twice as long as it should, or wraps up in half the time expected.
Richard Herring ended one of his Edinburgh Fringe performances this week with a hollow laugh. His show, Talking Cock 2: The
The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is well and truly up and running now. The Royal Mile is a no-go area for anyone who doesn't want to be chugged by interpretive dancers, everyone's got a throat infection and we've all had at least one very late night drinking session with the Othello The Remix guys.
With audience numbers down and the increasing commercialization of the Fringe Harry Deasway reckons the last thing we need is a BBC funded Edinburgh venue.
One of the most prestigious awards for new stand-ups - the Chortle Student Comedy Award - has just found its winner. Kwame
There are plenty of political comedians out there. And there are plenty of cabaret ones, too. But the fiendishly talented
By the time it ends its 24-day run on 27 August, the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival will have showcased nearly 3,000 events
Geordie giant Luke Benson was named one of the 'Top 10 Comics to Look Out For' in 2011 by London Is Funny. In 2012, he's
Naomi doesn’t look like a girl who should be named after an item of stationary. Were she to pass you in the street, you’d
It's such a bubble, this Fringe business. Last August we were all up here promoting our own sordid offerings while the riots were raging in London and beyond.
Life almost did begin at 40 for Markus Birdman - because at precisely that age, he had a stroke. That's not very funny, admittedly
Monday August 13, 2012 Right after my show, if I hurry, I can have a cup of tea and maybe peanut butter toast, before I head
Some interesting reading this morning when it comes to dishing out the accolades with Paul Foot getting deserved and many
We're officially half way through the fringe people - HALF WAY! Two weeks down, two to go. That's two weeks without watching the news or reading a newspaper (besides scouring them for reviews). So apart from Tom Daley getting a medal for doing some sexy showering and Louise Mensch fecking off to America, we have no idea what's going on in the rest of the world. Not that'd matter if we did know.
"Being passed around – that’s what I remember from Edinburgh,” says Anna Morris, smiling. Sat in a Camden pub, five minutes
Ah, the Edinburgh Fringe... Like 'groundhog day' I'm back for the ninth year running, in my role as executive producer of Funny Women. This is the place where careers can be made or dreams shattered.
I'd heard that Josie Long was becoming ever more politicised with every Edinburgh show and this show seems to be zenith of
So my friend Mike coins all these phrases and words. He speaks what seems like his own language. Marcotte-isms you could call them. A word he uses to describe anything British, is 'Faversham'. As in "Mansfield Park is totally Faversham".
Hello, Beautiful Creatures. Here I am. Now a blogger for the Huffington Post. Could a greater honour be bestowed on such a humble clown as I? I think not. And if you're still reading this by the end of the fourth paragraph then we're destined to become entwined - like two lovers - over the next three weeks as I write from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.