Edinburgh International Festival

The Create Syria project strengthened the capacity and expertise of Syrian artists and cultural figures based in Lebanon
Today the world's biggest art festival hits Edinburgh's gardens and closes for three weeks! The city's population doubles in size as people from all over the world flock to the streets and the various festival venues. The streets are filled with performances and exhibitions, actors arrive at bars in their outfits post performance and bars and clubs are open late - 3 am and 5 am.
Many of us love Skyping our friends and relatives – a free online video call to a special person brings us all closer together
We know Shakespeare was an enlightened man of the world, but did he like to rock? Beijing People’s Art Theatre certainly
Performed in Mandarin and featuring two of China's leading heavy-metal bands (Miserable Faith and Suffocated) representing the rioting Roman crowds, Coriolanus is nothing if not a provocative night of theatre. Of course, everyone involved is delighted that the show has sold out twice at Edinburgh leading to a surge of extra ticketing...
Arts lovers can hear Beethoven in a spaceship and see Leonardo da Vinci take centre stage with modern technology at this