Educating Essex

School uniforms are not meant to be cool, says the headteacher from the reality TV show Educating Essex, who has spoken out
"It's our money," said one clipped voice in the back row, "so we should have the right to scrutinise what they do with it." He may have been a single audience member in Sunday's episode of The Big Questions, but this rattled taxpayer summed up everything that is wrong with Benefits Street - the urban zoo that has slammed Channel 4's ratings into high gear.
Nearly three million viewers tuned in for last night's sequel to 'Educating Essex', this time with a burrow into the school
So long 2011 television, it's been emotional. Alfred Hitchcock once said that television "has done much for psychiatry by spreading information about it, as well as contributing to the need for it". Now, he may well have said this during the previous century, but if you told me he said it having just watched an episode of Desperate Scousewives I'd totally believe you.
Of course I watched it. I promised myself I wouldn't, but ended up breaking my own cardinal rule ('don't watch school related TV programmes, they'll only make you angry') because of staffroom banter, most of which was fairly positive.