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There’s good news too, as the ‘First Dates’ team revealed that Mushy and Selina went on another date soon after meeting, and
We all held our breath, dug fingers into palms, hoping, urging, and willing his tongue to let him talk. Every last bit of me wanted to leap over, create a distraction and save him from the torture of silence - and make it all better.
Does TV and film influence us more than we realise? Probably. Are our brains being shaped by the violence, sex and nastiness we see on a daily basis? Most possibly. Is there a way we can stand up and shout when we see positive, surprising, heartwarming stuff on the screen as an antidote to all of the above? Yes, there is! Read on, and prepare to join in from the comfort of your favourite armchair.
Musharaf Asghar - better known as ‘Mushy’ from last year’s smash documentary ‘Educating Yorkshire’ - has landed his very
It was Broadchurch wot won it. One programme has a habit of dominating the Broadcasting Press Guild awards in recent years. Last year it was Tom Stoppard's BBC2 adaptation, Parade's End; the year before that it was the same channel's Tom Hollander sitcom, Rev.
Nearly three million viewers tuned in for last night's sequel to 'Educating Essex', this time with a burrow into the school