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NEW YORK -- Edward Snowden said on Tuesday it was worth becoming an "international fugitive" when set against the public
Edward Snowden, the US whistleblower who revealed the extent of American and British surveillance programmes, is to give
The latest leaks by the fugitive Edward Snowden indicate that British and American intelligence agencies targeted charities
Immigration is a difficult topic matter to discuss. Even though most people accept that our economic and political systems would fail if there wasn't a policy to control immigration, many people have many different ideas on where the line should be drawn.
Sarah Harrison, the Wikileaks journalist, who has spent the past four months with Edward Snowden in Russia, has arrived in
Edward Snowden's successful bid for freedom is also a victory for the young woman from Wikileaks who has been assisting him
Ireland has denied the US an arrest warrant for whistleblower Edward Snowden in case he lands in the country, it has been
But even if he accepts one of the offers, getting there will be tricky - because using European airspace could be problematic
Who will stand up for Edward Snowden? Not the American media, that fearless and forensic instrument of truthtelling, which has been generally too busy poring over Snowden's 'narcissism' and character flaws, or arguing that surveillance is good for us, to consider the broader implications of his revelations.
UPDATE: Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower, has been charged with espionage by the United States. British eavesdropping