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NEW YORK -- Edward Snowden said on Tuesday it was worth becoming an "international fugitive" when set against the public
NEW YORK -- In a remarkable coup for the British comedian, Sunday’s episode of "Last Week Tonight" featured John Oliver grilling
Why a food ban? Quite simply, it will hurt the EU nations, and far more severely than any sanction that has been imposed on Russia by the EU so far... little notice has been paid to Edward Snowden, the whistle-blower and current rector of Glasgow University, who has been granted a 3 year stay in Russia, and will not be extradited back to America.
It is very difficult to interrogate the legality of a programme of surveillance, when the people having done it, refuse to acknowledge it happened. The UK programme, called 'TEMPORA' has been a bone of contention since the start of these proceedings. GCHQ refuses to acknowledge that it exists, despite tacitly acknowledging it exists, by defending the legal basis for its existence.
owever powerful the pressure to conform, to take the cheque and keep quiet, there will always be those who, moved by injustice, will speak out. But it counts for little, unless we all speak out together.
A Republican senator is to hit president Obama with a lawsuit on Wednesday that aims to halt surveillance by USA spy agencies
Edward Snowden, the US whistleblower who revealed the extent of American and British surveillance programmes, is to give
The latest leaks by the fugitive Edward Snowden indicate that British and American intelligence agencies targeted charities
Sarah Harrison, the Wikileaks journalist, who has spent the past four months with Edward Snowden in Russia, has arrived in
Boris Johnson has robustly defended The Guardian's "salient and interesting" revelations about the activities of global intelligence