The solution to the problem of feeding elderly patients is not to prop the system up with relatives, it is keeping them out of hospital.
Here I am, at age 84, about to climb Kilimanjaro. They tell me that if I make it, I'll be the oldest person to do so, and I'll be entered into the Guinness World Records.
Over the last few months, some surprising and high-profile events have taken place in the world, economically and politically
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Health bosses are deliberately making patients wait for treatment so they will remove themselves from
Offering a better deal for family care would help make the case for higher spending on social care.
Thousands of staff and elderly residents at Britain's largest care home group, Southern Cross, face an uncertain future as
Who should pay for supporting us as we grow old and need care? That was the subject of a Government review headed by Andrew Dilnot that was published this week. The response has been almost unanimously positive, and in some areas, quite rightly.