Eleanor Laing

He wants 16 and 17-year-olds to be able to have a say in elections.
Labour MP Jim McMahon has criticised Tory members in the Commons for trying to block a debate on extending voting rights
Nigel Evans should be allowed to resume his role as deputy Speaker of the House of Commons now that he has been cleared of
The former Tory minister who called John Bercow a "stupid, sanctimonious dwarf" has tried to reassure MPs that his poor relationship
David Cameron has said his inner-circle is made up of people with "all sorts of different schooling", after being accused
David Cameron has been told to stop "tiptoeing" around and get on with appointing more women to his cabinet, amid Westminster
Nick Clegg is either "ignorant" of how Britain's constitution works or he thinks Tory MPs are "too stupid" to notice that
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- There should be a designated bank holiday to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the signing of Magna