election 2015

We should all be angry. We should all be taking to the streets, chucking washable paint over public memorials. Whatever side of the political divide we fall on we cannot let the endemic abuse of children go without a proper public outcry.
I have had a sinking feeling on Election nights before. In fact, if you are in possession of a social conscience and a radical, reforming heart in this country, the swingometer is no more than a Sword of Damocles poised to deliver the expected telling blow to our dreams.
The success of unregulated capitalism isn't because it's the better system, but because capitalists continue to win the propaganda war.
Ever since Marilyn Monroe flew in and wished JFK a ‘Happy Birthday’, the worlds of politics and show business have been inextricably
I had become yet another cog in a big political wheel and couldn't escape the feeling that I had cheated those I set out to help at the start of the campaign - the young and apathetic. They don't watch BBC Parliament on a random Tuesday afternoon while this was being broadcast or care if I'm lobbying behind closed doors.
As Nigeria decides who will lead the country for the next five years on Saturday 28th March, it is tempting to get caught up in the acidity of politics. Yet, when Nigerians head to the polls, it is vital that we - both voters and politicians - prioritise the health and wellbeing of our citizens in our decision-making.
I've gone from knowing next to nothing about politics to listening out for the latest policy announcements, so I can make sure the site is updated. Vote for Policies took me on this journey from political apathy to engagement, and I hope it will do the same for thousands of others.
Perhaps politicians need to stop being apathetic and need to start engaging with politics instead. Instead of shifting the responsibility of voting to the people, politicians should take the responsibility of proving that they are worth voting for.
Under 25s are a three million-strong voice and have the power to drastically impact on all of the political parties' fortunes
Politicians ignore migrant voters at their peril, with foreign-born residents having a "decisive" impact in a range of key